GSA WEBSITE CONTACT Verified List Of Website Contact Form URLs

Your One-Click Solution to contacting over 1 Million Websites with Our GSA WEBSITE CONTACT Verified List of Website Contact Form URLs

Our GSA WEBSITE CONTACT Verified List contains a list of website contact form urls. We are currently running multiple copies of GSA WEBSITE CONTACT on dedicated servers with extremely high specs at 1,000 and sometimes 2,000 threads. This allows us to collect new target website contact form urls in record times. On every server we are running the website contact form submitter for a hundreds of thousands of different keywords for different niches. This allows us to find the latest websites that have not yet been spammed to death, which allows us to get a first-comer advantage in terms of our promotions. We are presently running GSA WEBSITE CONTACT form poster with GSA Captcha Breaker as well as XEvil  by Botmaster Labs. XEvil is a great way of solving Google image captchas that may not otherwise be picked up by GSA Captcha Breaker.

Here is How We Produce Our GSA WEBSITE CONTACT Verified List

  • We run the GSA WEBSITE CONTACT form submitter on multiple dedicated servers for hundreds of thousands of keywords from different niches
  • We pull all the successfull URLs from each server and merge them together.
  • We remove all duplicate urls and any other urls that do not contains the keywords "contact" and their accompanying international translations. From experience, we found that most contact form urls will inevitably contain keywords sch as contact, get in touch, feedback and so on. By applying this domain-level filter, we are getting a much cleaner website contact form url list and a much higher success rate. We have found that the default "successful" url list produced by GSA WEBSITE CONTACT will contain some unrelated urls such as product pages with product review fields, blog comment sections and so on!
  • Our GSA WEBSITE CONTACT Verified List of target website contact form urls contains websites from just over 1,000 different niches, including: cryptocurrency, vape, ecommerce, SEO and marketing, gambling, medicine, law, fashion and beauty, electronics, fitness and much more. If you want to do a niche targeted campaign, you can be sure that website from your niche will be in our list.

Why Choose Our GSA WEBSITE CONTACT Verified List

  • Free Lifetime Updates: we are constantly adding new website contact form urls. New GSA WEBSITE CONTACT Verified Lists will be available in your member's area.
  • Very clean and refined list: we have removed urls that do not contain the relevant "contact" related keywords to increase the speed of your campaigns, success rate and reduce resource waste.
  • Our GSA WEBSITE CONTACT Verified List comes in multiple file format: we have also split up the large master file into smaller files to avoid software crashes when uploading your list.


To import these verified urls into your project, simply:

1) right click on a campaign (once you have created one);

2) Select "Import URLs" 

3) Select "from file"

4) Select the text document file from this folder.

Changelog - What's New?

July 2019

Version 1.0.2 has been released. In this version, I have added more website contact urls with urls that contains the word "contact" and its variants. I find that the software performs better when posting to "contact" form designated pages. Otherwise, the software subscribes to newsletters and submits blog comments which is great for backlinks but not for our current purpose of contacting websites. The GSA Website Contact list currently has approximately 1.5 millions urls with the words "contact" in them. I have also removed all the non-working sites from the previous list.